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Dipping World

  • Getting a Solid Base

    Getting a Solid Base

    Your base coat is a very important aspect of your dip. From the bonding of your film to the durability of the finished product. You need the correct paint and clear for your job.
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  • Heat Treating

    Heat Treating

    Have you ever tried to paint or dip straight to a plastic part and the paint or film just would not stick? It is because of the type of plastic you are working with. Both types, polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene...

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  • Getting creative in hydro dipping

    Getting creative in hydro dipping

    Hydro dipping is something that becomes what you make of it. It's not just about simply dipping a film on something. It's a way to customize or personalize something to match who you are.
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  • Designer Templates

    Designer Templates

    The quick and easy way to show your customers what a hydro film design will look like on an item. This will help your customers make a decision on a design much quicker.
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