The Truth in Buying Aerosol Activator

Truth in aerosol activator cans

We get asked a lot about activator and which brand to recommend, which we always have and always will recommend HydroVator. This is what we test with and use ourselves. Not all activator brands are the same and not all HydroVator products from all distributors will be of the same quality when purchasing aerosol cans.

There are different methods (technologies) for canning products in aerosol cans. Look at the image above and you can see how some places package their activator vs how ours is packaged. There are 3 main differences that come to play here, quantity, quality and price.

Quantity: The true amount of activator that you are receiving. Some of our competitors use prefilled aerosol cans which means that they receive the can with the propellant already in the can. The amount of prefilled propellant can vary, but is usually around 7-8 fluid ounces. They will then fill the can with 4-5 fluid ounces of HydroVator making it a 12 fluid ounce can. Our cans are filled with 12 fluid ounces of activator before the propellant is filled.

Quality: The quality of the activator depends on which way it is packaged as well. With the pre-filled cans, there is a larger amount of propellant in the can which means there is a greater amount of propellant spraying out with the activator. This makes for a diluted mix of activator coming out of the can which requires you to spray more to achieve full activation of your film.

Price: The real cost you are paying for your activator. Though you may “save” a couple bucks buying from some places, it may cost you more in the long run. Not only are you paying for diluted activator, but you will also need to spray more in order for it to work properly. This is a vicious circle because you start with less, need to spray more and both leads to you buying a new can more often.

We have worked with a few customers that have purchased their aerosol HydroVator from other distributors. They contact us saying that they cannot get our film to activate fully or at all. Sometimes it is something that they are doing wrong and we easily get them moving forward. But sometimes they talk about how the activator has much lower odor then the HydroVator they have purchased from us or other places. This is when we realize that they have a diluted activator and once they spray a couple coats on the film it actually liquefies the film properly.

When using our aerosol activator, you should always be able to liquefy the film with a single pass of activator. If you purchase HydroVator from another distributor and it does not liquefy the film in a single pass, now you know why…. and why you should have purchased you aerosol HydroVator from us.