Designer Templates

Our mock designer templates will make for an easy way to quickly be able to show your customers what a hydro film design will look like on items. Some templates even allow you to show what just a paint color would look like as well. We have several templates to choose from such as AR-15 Rifles, Car Rims, Tumbler Thermal Cup, Xbox One Controller and even a Side by Side ATV.

HydroCreations Mock Designer Templates for Hydro Dipping.

These templates are easy to setup and use. Simply open your Adobe Photoshop software (not included) and the open your mock designer file. When you do, you will see something similar to the following.

Mock Designer opened in Photoshop.

Now all you have to do is load your hydro film design image (images not included) and place them just below the layer that says "Place Design Below Here". You may need to repeat your film design image to make it large enough to cover the entire template image. If you only enlarge the design file, then it can make the print larger than it really would be and the mock design will not look correct or to scale.

Alternatively, in some of our mock designers you can show what a paint color would look like on the items. You simply turn off all your hydro film design layers (click on the eye icon to the left of the layer) and then double click on where it says "Color Overlay" under the "Base Layer" .

Mock designerTemplate