Getting creative in hydro dipping

Hydro dipping is something that becomes what you make of it. It's not just about simply dipping a film on something. It's a way to customize or personalize something to match who you are. Always remember, when it comes to hydro dipping you are only limited by your imagination. 

So many people from both sides of the dipping world (newbies and experienced) don't stop to think of the extra potential you can add to hydro dipping by going past the basic routine of dipping. Many only think of what they learned or only what they were shown in the beginning. Don't be afraid to fail at testing with something new. It's those new ideas that can lead to something that really sets you apart from other dippers. Below are a few great ideas to think about or even to spark a new idea for your next dip.

Glow n the dark base coats...

 Dipping something that will be seen a lot at night or in darker environments... Try glow n the dark base coats. We have done a few welding helmets like this and always get great feedback on them. There are many glow n the dark paints on the market nowadays or you can buy the glow n the dark powders to add to your paints or clears. 

Double dipping...

This is a great way to add a unique look to something. Try dipping one design over another design. This works the best when you use a darker design as your first layer and a brighter design over the top.

Thinking outside the box...

So many don't ever truly sit back and think about what other types of items can be dipped. For example, did you know that you can dip fabric? Yes, you can dip fabric such as shirts, socks or even your lampshade (make sure to get your wife's permission first!!). The ink in the film will dye the fabric which actually makes it very durable and long lasting. Plus, since it is dyeing the fabric you do not need to apply a clear coat.