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"We are dedicated to our customers and we take great pride in offering exceptional customer service and quality products. We are here for you before, during and after your purchase, helping you choose the right product to help with the installation/application process.Brian ~ Owner

Hydrographic Film:

We don't sell back-stocked films. We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure we only sell top quality and professional grade films. We also take great care in storing our films in a climate controlled environment and also package our films for shipping to prevent damage from humidity/moisture while in transit.

  • Over 140 designs in stock and ready for shipping.
  • More than 300 designs available per special order.
  • View all special order designs under "Special Order".
  • Custom design printing available (MOQ 250m²).
  • Online catalog of films available for shop owners. www.HydroGallery.com


Not all activators are alike so don't be fooled by others. Some are created with inferior chemicals and include chemicals that can actually degrade the films coloring or cause problems in dipping. HydroVator has been tested and trusted by professionals in the industry for a reason... IT WORKS!! Learn more about activator here in our article.

  • We offer industry leading HydroVator activator.
  • Trusted by professionals and hobbyist across the industry.
  • Available in aerosol cans or bulk jugs for use in HVLP guns.
  • Never diluted, 100% genuine HydroVator activator.


Our paints are formulated for use in hydrographics. You need a reliable and solid base to ensure a successful dip each time. Our base colors offer an exceptional and reliable bonding with hydro films in the dip process. We want you to have the best experience in your dipping process and that's why we recommend our hydrographics paint line.

  • Formulated with the hydrographics industry in mind.
  • 1+ week dip window.
  • Fast drying.
  • Ready to use.
  • Exceptional high gloss or flat clear coats.

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