1. Ensure spray nozzle is clean and clear of any dirt or dried paint.
  2. Shake can well before use. Metallic paints take 1-2 minutes to ensure paint is fully mixed.
  3. Apply a light coat for your initial coating and allow to partially cure. Do not apply thick coats as this may cause paint to run. First coat should become tacky before applying additional coats. 
  4. Once your initial coat has become tacky, you can start to apply slightly heavier coats until your substrate is fully coated. Allow each coat to become tacky before you apply an additional coat. Remember, it is better to apply several light coats then only a few heavy coats.


Always clean the can after use:
 - Holding the can upside down, press and hold the spray nozzle for about 5 seconds. This will spray out any remaining paint in the line and prevent it from drying inline.

If the nozzle becomes clogged or the spray pattern is not spraying properly:
 - Use a q-tip with lacquer thinner to clean the nozzle.

Always store in climate controlled environment:
 - Long term exposure to cold or heat can damage product.

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